International Guest House and Thamel


One of the reasons for which the International Guest house is so popular and notable with the large number of crowds visiting Nepal, is that it lies In the immediate vicinity of Thamel. For those of you who are truly set upon wandering and exploring the unique and admirable beauty of the region, the International Guest house and its surroundings can provide much in the way of such.

Thamel is in reality a most attractive and alluringly magnetic region located in the context of Nepal. What sets it apart is its immensely potent services and seductions in terms of features and scenery, thereby making it one of the most visited and well known of tourist attraction in the country. It has been the site of largely intense and impressively large level of tourist activity for four decades. The whole area is permeated with Wi-Fi signals and because of such it is declared as a full Wi-Fi zone. Due to the greatly feasible and economically affordable services here that relate to recreation and relaxation, some consider this area to be an absolute haven for tourists. There are all kinds of awesome and remarkable facilities that a person can avail while staying at the International Guest house, such as Restaurants, bars, shops, and much more as well. The area is especially famous and prominently admired for its restaurants.



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